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GAUDANSE INC.  (meaning "rejoicing") was founded in 2020 in New York by Imani Gaudin-County for the charitable and educational purposes of connecting underserved individuals to dance education, opportunities, and resources to promote dance and the performing arts as a source of empowerment, cultural change, and community development and connection.


Gaudanse Inc. is a platform for ardent independent thought leaders. The grail of the organization is to investigate movement languages in order to create works that instigate a broad range of meaningful and thought provoking matters that strike humanity from the micro to the macro level.


Gaudanse Inc. desires to form strategic alliances with like performing arts innovators and advocates, community organizations, schools, corporations, and families who are aligned with its mission to provide opportunities for underserved individuals and communities to have access to dance education and other art forms to encourage and empower the next generation of leaders through mentorship and self-development programs.​

Gaudanse Inc. desires to provide individuals, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, access to education, opportunities, and resources in the field of performing arts. 

Gaudanse Inc. desires to support performers who are devoted to promoting art or expressing their ideas and feelings through dance and movement and related forms of art. 

Gaudanse Inc. desires to cultivate works that address distress caused by the challenges of systemic societal oppressions, lack of opportunities, and unequitable treatment of underserved people and hopes to present and support works that will develop and promote an appreciation of different types of cultural arts, stimulate interest in performing arts, and provide a wider acceptance and appreciation of dance through the artistic displays, performances, and workshops.




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7014 13th Avenue
Suite 210

Brooklyn, NY 11228

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